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Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Give us your best!
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at April 21st, 2009 (04:42 pm)

So, here's the news.

We're putting together a live-action 'trailer'
for Tales. The guys behind Trailer Trash are
working on it with us and are very gung-ho about it. But I just need
to first write a two-minute script for the trailer. It will have
quick flashes of the main characters doing what they do (Dickie
getting snatched by the squid, The Unknown fighting on the blimp), a
couple scenes from their travels (French Mafia attacks, etc.), and then
the inevitable end-montage.

Thus, I wanted to use some of my favorite scenes and others that you
or people you know liked, so they can go, "Hey! They put that in
there!" Please, hit me with what scenes, bits, dialogue, moments,
etc., you'd like to see included.