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Mr. Coleman [userpic]
It's coming...
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at September 1st, 2008 (01:59 am)

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Drowning in people!
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at August 31st, 2008 (11:54 pm)

Talk about an Extraordinary evening, folks!

The first week of live shows, we had about 6 people.

The second week, after that lady brought her social club, it was about 12.

Tonight, I was hustling back and forth to the cafe to get enough chairs as the room filled up with triple to quadruple the amount of people from last week. Word of mouth is working out well, I guess. People weren't just standing, they were even standing in the parking lot and watching through the screen door in the back of the venue.

I really gotta fix up that website now. :)

Let's see if any of these kind folks make it out to Dungeon Master next week as we open for them.

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
The LIVE Tales continue...
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at August 21st, 2008 (02:04 pm)

The second of four shows hits the stage this Sunday:


- An extensive dining menu and beverages
- Ample parking
- Audience as Foley Artists
- Monkeys, Monks, and Mongolians

And an opening performance by


Ah, but I said FOUR weeks, yes? Our final show will be opening for the Season Premiere of Dungeon Master on Sept. 7th! More details to come in the next few weeks...

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Test Run Complete...
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at August 13th, 2008 (01:30 pm)

I have finished editing the Ground Control show. Not too bad, surprisingly. The audience definitely makes it hilarious with their foley. But I'll save it for on Friday. And don't forget the live shows starting next week:

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Tales of the Extraordinary performs LIVE
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at August 5th, 2008 (02:59 pm)

Audience participation is crucial...help us make the next story arc:

There are food and beverages of many kinds in the front of house and a lovely stage in the back with comfy couches.

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
"British Air" concludes...on Tales of the Extraordinary!
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at July 11th, 2008 (12:50 am)

Greetings, Adventurers!

The final installment (at last!) of the current story arc is airing today:

Wherein things go from bad to very very bad.

When last we saw them, Little Dickie Broughton, world-renowed explorer extraordinaire, and Rod Steveson, world-famous circus strongman, narrowly avoided being executed by the mad Captain of the flying heliocarrier, The Daedalus. Flying to their rescue came the League of Nations Air Force, led by intrepid reporter, Sally Core. In the melee, Dickie had managed to arm himself and was holding the Captain and his crew hostage while the Unknown took Sally Core to safety and Arat the Latvian Wonder Dwarf vowed to take over the ship himself.

Will Dickie, The Unknown, Sullivan and the rest of our heroes flee the sinking Daedalus in time?

Premiering online at Theory Radio
Today, Friday July 11th
1:00 pm PST

Need to catch up on the story? Come and download past episodes at the website and on your RSS or iTunes subscription.

Carry on...

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Bloopers Episode - not for the kiddies
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at July 3rd, 2008 (06:04 pm)

While we try to schedule another recording session for the final episode of British Air, we've got a little collection of bloopers and weirdness that usually occurs whenever these people are near a microphone.

As usual, it'll be available tomorrow for your listening pleasure. And yes, the Disney porn will be included, so wear your headphones, brave listeners.

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
It's Gatsby Time!!
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at June 20th, 2008 (01:27 am)

Been wondering what Randolph & Gatsby have been up to in France? Well find out today at 1pm:

Gatsby and the Bandit

Premiering on Theory Radio
Download and Podcast/RSS info at Empty Sea Net following the show.

Wherein Randolph tramps through Europe in nothing but a bedsheet and Gatsby has a disturbing encounter with a certain infamous mass-murderer...

Please feel free to join us at the Unofficial Forum or Facebook Fan Page

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Behind the Scenes...
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at June 18th, 2008 (06:08 pm)

Gatsby means an infamous figure in European history...and barely survives...

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Play catch up with Tales tomorrow...
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at June 5th, 2008 (03:10 pm)

Greetings, Adventurers!

The third installment of the new story arc is airing tomorrow:

Wherein Sullivan and Dr. Heinrich von Kliegel confront The Captain...over a lovely meal. Find out what happened to Dickie, Sally Core, and The Unknown...

Premiering online at Theory Radio
Tomorrow, Friday June 6th
1:00 pm PST
(Episode One and Two of British Air will be broadcast at 11 and 12, respectively, to catch people up)

And of course, available for download at the website and on your RSS/iTunes subscription immediately following the broadcast.

Carry on...

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Tales of the Extraordinary returns with: "British Air"
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at May 22nd, 2008 (02:15 pm)

The 1920's pulp radio serial returns with its latest story arc:
British Air

Something in the skies threatens the destruction of the world...starting with London. Our heroes are reunited just in time to take on the flying menace of rocketmen, helio-choppers, and the mysterious Daedalus.

When: 1PM Pacific Time
Where: http://www.theoryradio.org

And forever available at Empty Sea Studios, on the Facebook Fan Page, and through podcast subscription on iTunes.

And now...a preview of "British Air" (mp3 audio)

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
New episodes recorded: British Air
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at May 7th, 2008 (02:02 pm)

We had a grand ol' time last night using Steph's (Mistinguet/Sally Core) new sound booth to record the show. The thing was, the second episode hadn't been finished. So this next installment got a little experimental as half of the episode was improvised. Give the actor's the setup and throw them into a hotbox alone to riff.

Me likey.

Hopefully, y'all likey as well. Unfortunately, the next installment (called "British Air") won't air for a couple more weeks to give some time to work on the site and catch up. But I do have pictures up of last night's recording session:

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Alas...no radio.
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at April 25th, 2008 (12:34 pm)

The Theory, it is down.

However, the Tales...they are up! The new episode has been posted:

Wherein our adventurers visit the Moulin Rouge, seduce Mistinguet, and...why is Gatsby talking?

And of course, it should be updating your podcast subscription on iTunes as well.

So sorry. We'll just have to broadcast it again next week.

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Current Tales
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at April 18th, 2008 (06:01 pm)

Need to catch up on the episodes?

For the "Shadow of the Unknown" episodes:

For "The French Affair" and today's Unknown episode*:

Download the XML file

Subscribe...listen to it in yer car.
* Which was written by ibhod and stars novadrome. Yay!

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
A Special (aural) Message...from The Unknown!
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at April 17th, 2008 (05:26 pm)

Hear The Unknown shill for Ethyl's Ether...

And tomorrow at 1:45...a special Tales of the Extraordinary Unknown one-shot, "International Justice for All"

On Theory Radio's "Not Work Safe" show, hosted by MP3 Sark.


Mr. Coleman [userpic]
A letter to the Unknown
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at April 4th, 2008 (03:08 pm)

This just came in from the Mail Center:

Dear Mr. Unknown,

I enjoyed your most recent adventure and was really pulling for you to kill that little dickie fellow. Too bad it didn't work out that way.
I was a bit disturbed by your actions in the last episode though, specificly your conduct with the Chinaman.
It wasn't that you 'cheated' and used a knife because that just seemed clever and he had it coming. No, it was the breaking of each of his fingers.
Sure killing the girl was an awful thing but I don't know that I will ever get the sound you cracking those fingers one by one.
I had thought that you were a real hero but now I guess I was wrong. I still like you better than Ricky Moon though.

If possible can you please send me an autographed photograph, or just a signed newspaper with an article about you?

Your biggest fan,

Adam Carter (age 9).

p.s. I hear your next adventure is against the League of Nations Police Force. I hope you give those foreigners what for !

Mr. Coleman [userpic]
No show this week...
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at April 3rd, 2008 (01:59 pm)

Alas, a most regrettable error has occurred. One which turns our faces a bright shade of neon pink. Whilst editing the final story, I noticed something missing...an entire scene. Such is the bane of working around people's schedules that we record out of order and...well, we just have too much fun that we occasionally miss the important stuff. Like whole scenes.

So, "The French Affair" part one will have to be postponed until next week. Do not be sad, fellow adventurers. Horrible French accents like ours are worth the wait!

Meanwhile, the complete storyline of "Shadow of the Unknown" is available now. If anyone needs a CD, leave a comment here or at the Post Office and we will send one off to you.

Our sincerest apologies!


Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Welcome, Adventurers...
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at April 2nd, 2010 (12:34 pm)

What better way to update news and announcements than through the wonders of the Live Journal. Feel free to befriend/join this community if you wish to stay abreast of our extraordinary tales.

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