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Mr. Coleman [userpic]
"Tales..." One Year Anniversary Show
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at February 6th, 2009 (10:34 am)

We've been broadcasting for a year as of this Sunday, which will be the third of our LIVE shows here in LA:

Can't make it to the LIVE performance of "Tales of the Extraordinary"? No worries!

We will (hopefully) be broadcasting over the interwebs as they are recorded, provided I know what i am doing. Just tune in here:


The show begins at 7pm Cali time with our opening band, Windows to Sky, who will perform their original songs as well as hits from 1926.

Following them around 7:30, we will take the stage to record the show, improvise our usual bizarre commercials, and force the audience to perform our foley.

Need to catch up on the story so far?

The past two episodes of "Mexico Strikes Back" are up online here: Mexico Strikes Back (mp3)