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Mr. Coleman [userpic]
Fordlandia continues this Sunday!!
by Mr. Coleman (thefreak)
at August 28th, 2009 (03:35 pm)

Just finished editing the episode from last week's "Tales of the Extraordinary" show at The Spot. It's quite rough, as their was some problematic technical difficulties, but it is listenable and hopefully enjoyable. People were challenging me to make sense of our improvised commercial...somehow, I think I did.

Take a listen here:

The Lost City of Ford

Care to be a part of Episode Two? We're going for three more weeks at The Spot, using the audience for sound effects, making up commercials, and selling T-shirts. Admission is still free. Really.

Tell yer mates! Find out what happens to Little Dickie and the League of Nations Police Force! Meet the certifiable Henry Ford! This Sunday!!